WSWA Applauds Georgia's Commitment to Smart & Responsible Alcohol Delivery

Aug 03, 2020


Today, Governor Kemp signed House Bill 879, which allows for the on and off premise delivery of alcohol to local consumers. In its final form, House Bill 879 allows for delivery by a retailer employee -or third party partner- of beer, wine, and spirits from off-premise locations such as grocery (for beer/wine) and liquor package stores. The measure also allows for traditional on-premise locations like restaurants or bars to deliver beer and wine upon approval of their local governing authority. 


WSWA has long championed responsible alcohol delivery, and GA House Bill 879 is a prime example what smart and responsible alcohol regulation can look like. The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of Georgia worked with state legislators to ensure inclusion of many important provisions in the measure including guaranteed local delivery through geographic boundaries, same-day delivery requirements, level-down language and proper ID requirements to prevent underage access and public health & safety checkpoints and training programs for drivers making deliveries.


“House Bill 879 the perfect example of how Georgia’s strong regulatory system works for every consumer and business, said Executive Director of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of Georgia KC Honeyman. “In this time of COVID-19, communities used their voice at the state legislature to achieve consumer convenience and respect the time-honored Georgia tradition of local control. With the many safeguards put in place by the legislature, this is a near perfect way to get consumers a regulated product in a compliant, convenient fashion. 


“We are very excited about the local delivery bill as it will be a true benefit to local retailers servicing their local community in a way that promotes safety and accountability, accurate tax collection and gives consumers access to the wide variety of products that Georgia’s family-owned wholesalers bring to your local retailer’s shelves.” 


WSWA Applauds Georgia's Commitment to Smart & Responsible Alcohol Delivery