A Strong, State-Regulated System
Wholesalers operate within a well-regulated state distribution system that provides safety, oversight and integrity.
Connecting products from every corner of the world to American retailers, distributors are the critical link in a system that ensures choice and access for consumers while providing steady and consistent tax revenue for state and local governments.
Tier 1
Thousands of distilleries, breweries and wineries around the world produce alcohol beverages, but they still need to reach local retailers and American consumers. Enter wholesalers.
Tier 2
American distributors are experts in logistics and brand-building, representing tens of thousands of brands from around the world. They work with retailers to bring a tailored set of products that serve each community and satisfy the needs of all consumers.
Tier 3
Retailers sell wine and spirits to American consumers. These outlets are classified into two categories: on-premise (bars, restaurants, and hotels) or off-premise establishments (grocery, liquor, and convenience stores).
Enables Variety and Choice
This system creates a competitive, consumer-focused wine and spirits market where craft labels can thrive and innovation breeds success.
Emphasizes Responsible Consumption
Alcohol is a socially sensitive product and our industry is committed to a system that maintains responsible sale and consumption.
Empowers States and Local Governments
A three-tier system guarantees a predictable flow of tax revenue to the government with appropriate regulatory oversight.
See Wholesalers’ Local Impact
Wine and spirits distributors are the local marketing and logistics experts in every state and Congressional district. Discover exactly how many jobs and the financial impact generated by distributors in your local economy.
Find a Wholesaler
WSWA's Membership Roster and Industry Directory is the nation's foremost guide to the wine and spirits industry. Search leading wholesalers by state and by personnel.